Friday, July 05, 2013

EM interesting feature - Deploying Oneoff patches to Agents

Enterprise Manager 12c Already allows for deploying one-off patches thru the provisioning and patching module but what  if you need to deploy a lot of agents and don't want to keep patching them after the fact. EM has  a new feature that allows for keeping management agent as well as plugin patches on the OMS for a particular agent version and the patches will automatically be applied when the agent  or plugin is deployed or upgraded. This is particularly a useful feature when you need to deploy or upgrade in bulk and have to apply one off patches on the environment as well.

The documentation for this feature is available in Technet EM Docs. The feature allows for generic patches by  putting them on each OMS
. In case of a Multi OMS this needs to be done on all OMS's Create a directory like below

On deployment or upgrade. The Patches will automatically  be  applied. The patches can be validated using the usual methods . Either by looking at the Manage Cloud Control --> Agents Screens or  Opatch lsinventory on the agent.

This is a very useful feature and will allow for rapid deployment and upgrades for agents without having to worry about applying one-off patches later.

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