Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Reinstalling an Oracle Database Appliance Part 2

This is the second post in the series for Reinstalling the Oracle Database Appliance. In the last post i discussed using Bare matal install to reimage the ODA and perform a new deployment. In this post i will talk about  cleanupDeploy.pl

Cleanupdeploy.pl is a utility provided by Oracle as Part of the Oracle Appliance Kit (OAK). This utility performs the following

The Cleanup Steps are the following:

    1. uninstall ASR
    2. de-install All Oracle Software except the Oracle applicance Kit and the OS
    3. Cleanup Disk
    4. drop all users
    5. rollback various system configs
    6. remove public and private IP info

The CleanupDeploy.pl script is available in /opt/oracle/oak/onecmd directory and will  ask you to confirm 

[root@oak1 ]# ./cleanupDeploy.pl

Please enter the root password for performing cleanup:
Re-enter root password:
About to clear up OAK deployment,public network connectivity will be lost,root password will be set to default and both nodes will be rebooted
Do you want to continue(yes/no):

This will cleanup all the software on both the nodes. Please note while the OAK software will remain. you will lose access to the box since the public IP will be wiped out. you will need to access the ILOM and remote console in to reconfig the IP's on both nodes 

./oakcli configure firstnet
This will allow you to either further patch the system or run a deployment .
The difference between the CleanupDeploy.pl vs Baremetal can be attributed to 2 main things and while both must be used with caution and provide loss of data. Cleanupdeploy will not format the root filesystems so anything not on shared disk is preserved but will keep the old version of the OAK software in tact. Bare Metal restore on the other hand will wipe out everything but will also give you the software version you need. For new deployments if your intention is to go to 2.4 and your ODA is running version 2.1 my recommendation would be to do a Bare metal prior to deployment. The CleanupDeploy.pl will help in redploy an ODA for cases like moving from HIGH redundancy to NORMAL redundancy if you have not yet deployed an ODA or of you want the additional space and have something like Dataguard to failover you database . rebuild the ODA and fail it back.

In the 3rd Part of this series i will walk thru the deployment process and how to do deployment manually or via the OAK Configuration Assistant.

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