Friday, November 23, 2012

Reinstalling an Oracle Database Appliance Part 3

An Oracle Database appliance is a set of standard hardware and software molded together to created a 2 node RAC cluster that is easy to deploy. In parts 1 & 2 i talked about what methods you can use to reformat or erase the Oracle Database Appliance and rebuild it. In this post  i will talk about 2 methods to complete a deployment on the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA).
You can use the GUI tool oakcli deploy that will walk you thru all the steps and let you add all the IP's and then do the deploy.
You can use the Oracle Appliance Kit offline configurator to generate the conf file and then either run  oakcli deploy to quickly validate all the information and runa graphical deploy.
The Oracle Appliance Kit Offline Configurator is available at the Oracle Technology Network ODA Page .  The Offline configurator is an exact replica of the oakcli deploy tool except it can be done on your laptop so you dont have to type all the info on the server. The Offline Configurator allows to save a text file in the below format.
#onecommand.params generated by GUI tool
# Confuration information


DbNodeArr=(ALL )

This text file contains a complete snapshot of the ODA being Built. Below is how the ODA configurator looks like.

Once the file is loaded you can go thru a standard GUI deployment.
The Second method which is very useful to deploy an ODA is the silent method. you can use the text file generated from the ODA offline configurator and copy the config file

./oakcli copy -conf /software/test11_12.txt
Successfully copied the config file!!!

Once the config file has been copied you list what the steps are

[root@oak1 onecmd]# cd /opt/oracle/oak/onecmd
[root@oak1 onecmd]# ./ -l
INFO   : Logging all actions in /dev/null and traces in /dev/null
INFO   : Loading configuration file /opt/oracle/oak/onecmd/onecommand.params...
The steps in order are...
Step  0 = ValidateParamFile
Step  1 = SetupNetwork
Step  2 = WriteNodelists
Step  3 = SetupSSHroot
Step  4 = SetupDNS
Step  5 = UpdateEtcHosts
Step  6 = SetTimezone
Step  7 = SetupNTP
Step  8 = SetupILOM
Step  9 = ValidateEnv
Step 10 = CreateUsers
Step 11 = SetupStorage
Step 12 = SetupSSHusers
Step 13 = InstallGIClone
Step 14 = RunGIClonePl
Step 15 = RunRootScripts
Step 16 = GIConfigAssists
Step 17 = CreateASMDiskgroups
Step 18 = InstallDBClone
Step 19 = RunDBClonePl
Step 20 = DbcaDB
Step 21 = SetupEMDbControl
Step 22 = SetupACFS
Step 23 = SetupTFA
Step 24 = SetupASR
Step 25 = ResecureMachine
[root@oak1 onecmd]#
It is very important to validate how many steps are there since Oracle can change the number between the versions. The above is a snapshot of ODA 2.4 Steps. you can decide to break down the number of steps run this in debug mode in which case you will have interaction on some steps. or just execute via a shell script
[root@oak1 onecmd]# ./ -r 1-25

This will execute the ODA deploy in non GUI mode with all logging happening as normal.
This concludes this 3 part series on how to reinstall an Oracle Database Appliance. Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the ODA and i will try to the best of my knowledge to answer them

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