Sunday, November 04, 2012

Reinstalling an Oracle Database Appliance Part 1

Oracle Database Appliance comes with factory installed software. If you need to reinstall or reimage the ODA you can do that using a couple of methods. I'm going to have  series of posts talking about reinstalling and redeploying an ODA using various methods
A reinstall needs to start with cleaning up
There are 2 methods for cleanup..
  1. Using a Bare Metal Install
  2. Using
A Bare metal Install is done by downloading an ISO from the MOS. The latest 2.4 ISO can be downloaded Here.
While there is a complete document available via Note. 1373599.1. 
I will give a brief synopsis of what is needed. A Bare install needs to be done per node and the instructions are the same. Please note a bare metal install will format all disks. All data will be lost. All instructions here will cause loss of data and should be done with extreme caution.
  1. . Download the 2.4(or version you need) ISO.
  2.  Login to the ILOM 
  3.  Go to the Remote Control tab and launch remote control.
  4.  In the java window that opens Select Devices --> Cdrom Image
  5. Select where the image resides on your laptop and click ok. This will map the cdrom image to your device
  6. Once the mapping is confirmed . go to the ILOM Remote control tab - >Host Control  and Select Cdrom as the next boot device
  7. In the Remote Control -->Remote Host Control  Select Power Cycle and OK
  8. This will reboot the node and start the install process. 
  9. If you are installing over a network. Please make sure not to disconnect until the install is completed.
  10. The reimage process can take between 1 to 2 hrs  to complete.
  11. After the reimage is complete.  the node is now akin to a factory installed node for the version you just imaged on.
  12. Follow the same steps to image the second node . Both nodes can be imaged in parallel.
  13. The ILOM and Bios are not impacted and a deploy/patch will need to be run to get the ILOM/BIOS to update.
  14. Run a ./oakcli configure firstnet to IP and bring the node on the public network
  15. Follow the steps in the read-me of the End user bundle to deploy the ODA.
 In the next post I'll talk about and how you can run a cleanupdeploy to reinstall the ODA.

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