Thursday, November 15, 2012


To install an new EM12c environment it is highly recommended you run the emprereqkit  utility . This utility is accessible thru the installation binaries  in the $SHARED_SOFT_PATH/ directory. if you are running a prereq check via a shared mount point . you might hit an error like the one below. This error happens if you ran an emprereqkit   on another environment and never completed all the tasks.

Following exception occured in EMPrereqKit
Calling sequence (top to bottom)
--level 1--------------------------------------
Class/Method: EMPrereqKitManager/getInitialState
Message     :  Please end the session in last db (runPrereqs, runCorrectiveActions, runPostCorrectiveActions). Then only you can start a new session at a new db

         at oracle.sysman.emdrep.emprereqkit.emprerequisitemanager.EMPrereqKitManager.getInitialState(
         at oracle.sysman.emdrep.emprereqkit.emprerequisitemanager.EMPrereqKitManager.processActionsList(
         at oracle.sysman.emdrep.emprereqkit.emprerequisitemanager.EMPrereqKitManager.executeMainOperation(
         at oracle.sysman.emSDK.emdrep.emprereqkit.EMPrerequisiteKit.executeMainOperation(
         at oracle.sysman.emdrep.emprereqkit.core.EMPrereqKit.main(

 Caused by: null

empreqkit creates a state file that keep tab on the state of the job.
the Statefile is created in $SHARED_SOFT_PATH/
a cat of the statefile will show something like this

If this state file is there it will not  allow you to run a seperate session until either the old session on the old database server  is completed or the statefile is removed or renamed.

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