Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Oracle Database Appliance Patch 2.3.0 release and new features

Oracle Database Appliance Patch 2.3.0 was just released to the public it seems.
 A couple of things 2.3 is not a cumulative patch if you are running 2.1 you will need to apply the 2.2.0 patch before proceeding to 2.3.0 .
if you have secured your ODA using STIG Implementation Script for Oracle Database Appliance [ID 1461102.1] there is now a step to disable the STIG security.
Database Patching is now Rolling upgradable , Yay

There is  a new
oakcli show databases
to verify database version before and after a patch.
There is also a
oakcli upgrade database
in case you are still on to upgrade  the database.

There are a lot of new features in this patch

Feature #1
Multi-homes and Multi-DB support
Supported versions are and
Feature #2
oakcli create
oakcli create and oakcli delete are used to create and delete new databases and database homes
Feature #3
Db Configuration parameters.
 # oakcli show db_config_params -detail  -- to look at config parameters

  # oakcli create db_config_params -conf newconf  -- to create a config file based for use with oakcli create

Most of the data is from the Readme . I will install it and see how it works out and what other undocumented stuff is in the patch

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