Friday, May 25, 2012

So I presented , Collaborate 12/#C12LV and Learning

Just Last Night i received the results of my Collaborate 12 or #C12LV presentation. This was an interesting time for me since i had not presentation at a public forum before Collaborate. I submitted my abstract in hope to share some of the things i learned and work on in my day to day to job. It is very hard and very intimidating to think about talking to a diverse group of people. The Logical person in me was calculating questions and preparing answers for questions i had not even been asked.
But then internally My Boss and a couple of people gave me this solid piece of advise. If you know what you are talking about  and are confident about it, The Crowd cannot scare you. This advice allowed me to focus on content rather than audience and the evaluation results below have proven that if you have the right content and understand what you are talking about the audience will like it.

Session Number: 371
Session Title: High Availability Boot Camp: Migrating from Single Instance to RAC and Upgrading - A Dataguard Success Story
Number of Respondents: 14

5-Point Scale (5=extremely satisfied / 1=not at all satisfied)
#1: Primary speaker’s knowledge of the material                                              4.93
#2: Primary speaker’s presentation skills                                                               4.86
#3: Did this session meet your expectations?                                                      4.86
#4: Can you apply what you learned to your job?                                              4.50
#5: Would you like to see more sessions from the primary speaker?        4.64
#6: Would you like to see more sessions on this topic?                                   4.64
Overall Mean                                                                                                                     4.74

Please list any comments regarding this session and/or areas within the topic you would like to see covered in more detail.

Excellent - best session that I attended today. Excellent and innovative solution for migrating to RAC.
Great practical point of view!
This was the best High Availability session thus far! Most excellent!


I do want to thank all the people that reviewed my presentation and all the onsite and offsite support from IOUG , Dan Morgan, Leightonn, Yury , Arup and all the countless number of new acquaintances .

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Oracle Database Appliance Offline Configurator

If you have an ODA you have been thru the Oracle Database Appliance configurator. Oracle Also provides an offline version for people to build the configs before even going to build the box.
Just a quick note that if you used the ODA Offline Configurator  V2.1 the files will not work with configurator 2.2
to fix that please add the following to your old config file

#onecommand.params generated by GUI tool
# Configuration information

This will allow the 2.1 config file to be loaded into and modified by the 2.2 configurator 

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