Sunday, April 29, 2012

ODA Patch 2.2.0. Now Available

The First Oracle Database Appliance Significant version patch is now available ODA Patch 2.2.0  is a very significant patch since it upgrade the OS from 5.5 to UEK 5.8 and also upgrade the database from to
Change Log Entries
  • This patch will upgrade the existing OEL 5.5 to UEK 5.8.
  • End-User GI/RDBMS GI PSU2 clone files.  This patch can upgrade the existing[4,5] to
  • CHM is Re-enabled again. 
Patch 13858874 is what is needed .
I will update this blog post with my experience updating to 2.2.0

Please note the following
Issue:  Unable to Roll back to previous versions
Workaround : Roll back to previous versions is not supported.

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