Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Oracle Openworld 2011 afterthoughts

Oracle OpenWorld  Came to a close Oct 7. Unfortunately too many issues prevented me from posting anything to this blog.
This year was the Year of the Cloud at Oracle Openworld.  Oracle released many products including Exalytics, The Oracle Database Appliance, The Big Data Appliance,  Oracle R Enterprise , Oracle Enterprise Manager 12C  (Cloud Control) and Oracle in the Cloud. These were just the big announcements but there was alot of fun and learning this year.  The RAC Attack OTN Lounge was the best place to hangout since there were so many people to learn  from . It is always interesting to meet people from All Aorund the world with a variety of experiences and exposure to so many technologies.

The Bloggers meetup was the culmination and the meeting of all the minds from all over the Oracle Community . Sponsored by the Good old folks at Pythian . This was a very well done and fun event.
My takeaways and the most exciting thing for me has been EM 12C . I plan on playing around with it and understanding how it can benefit me and my team.
It was very sad to be in CA when Steve Jobs died and  hearing about it during Larry's big keynote. Truly an inspirational person.
Some funny some Sad pictures from my Days at Openworld .

Monday, October 03, 2011

Oracle Openworld day 1

Day 1 here was IOUG Day.
There were a lot of good  sessions .

One of my Favorite for the Day was Arup Nanda's Exadata for DBA's . It was  very well presented   and Arup has already posted the details at his blog.
The RAC Expert Panel SIG was very well done and it seems like most of the questions were related to which was just released Last Week.
The Announcement of the Day was the new member of the Exa family #Exalytics. Exalytics is a BI optimized Server. Larry Ellison announced the new addition to the Family along with his familiar Next Slide Please.
Since BI has not been my area. I'll defer to the pros like Alex Gorbachev to explain and the details are on Alex's Blog.
It Seems Like there will be a flurry of announcement this weeks and stay tuned on this Blog and My twitter Feed as well #oow11.
Some Pics of Day 1 are below for #oow11

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Oracle Openworld 2011 My Schedule

Below is some of the sessions i intend to attend this Openworld 2011

Oracle openworld day 0

Day 0 of oracle openworld is here . Tomorrow the fun begins . Got my registration done and got to see Eddie Awad , Chris muir, Tim Hall , Arup Nanda.
Hoping to meet up with more fellow bloggers soon.
I will mostly be in RAC related sessions tomorrow.
Here are some pics of the registrations.

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