Sunday, August 07, 2011

Book Review: Expert Oracle Goldengate

I was recently provided a copy of Expert Oracle Goldengate for review. The Title Written by Ben Prusinski . Ace Director. Steve Phillips and Richard Chung.
The Book starts with a very well written introduction discussing replication technologies , Their Application  and their evolution from Oracle Basic replication to Oracle Streams. This is a very good refresher for people who want to get into replication technologies to understand and seethe different options available in Oracle . I did feel that the authors could have added more to the introduction section but seeing that it was just an intro chapter  the length was ok.
Chapter 2 deals with mostly how to download and install the software. The problem with such chapters is that they get dated pretty quickly not only becuase Oracle likes to switch their OTN links on people. The Software updates can cause the chapter to become obsolete fairly quickly but never the less it provided detailed screenshots on the download as well as example configurations and  complete installation steps for various platforms.
Chapter 3 is where you start getting absolute value from this book. This Chapter is very well written and goes into a lot of details on how the golden gate architecture . The Authors have tried their best to explain the architecture in excruciating detail.
The Other chapters that makes this book a must have for any goldengate administrator or user include The Chapter on Tuning, Disaster Recovery options and Zero Downtime migration replication.
I'm Planning on keeping this book as a reference on my book Shelf and would recommend this book to anyone using Goldengate.

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