Monday, March 28, 2011

Small Changes can Break Stuff i.e 11.2 ASMCMD

This is a going to be a small post justo to reiterate the fact that Oracle Keeps changing things on us to keep us moving .

In Oracle 11 ASMCMD introduced md_backup and md_restore to help with managing ASM Metadata.

To script around this and make our scripts universal we used

asmcmd -v to detect version and then proceed with backups.

So in

oracle@abc:$ asmcmd -v 
asmcmd version 

When i migrated to 11.2.0 for ASM my scripts for metadata backup Started failing

running the same command in 11.2.0 netted

oracle@abc:$ asmcmd -v

WARNING: Tracing levelnot specified

Default level of tracing is enabled.

ASMCMD> exit

In 11.2.0 to get version from ASM is

oracle@abc:$ asmcmd -V

asmcmd version

Not sure if this behaviour changed in or .

Although it would be nice if Oracle would not reuse the same flag for something else just makes our lives and scripts miserable.

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