Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oracle OpenWorld Blogger Meetup 2010Oracle OpenWorld Blogger Meetup 2010

he venue was Jillians, The Host was Pythian, The Sponsors were HP. There was competition. Sounds like an Action Thriller but no this was the Oracle OpenWorld 2010 Bloggers Meetup.
The Shirt Competition was a repeat of Last Year but was a lot of fun. Asif Momen Tool the Prize With Paul Nash Being the Runner Up.
The Meetup has a second portion to it . Unfortunately due to personal commitments i was not able to meet the deadline but here is the People I met.
1. Alex Giorbachev - CTO Of Pythian - RAC guy
2. Paul Valee - CEO Of pythian
3. Marc Fielding - Exadata Dude at Pythian.
4. Dan Norris - Dan The Exadata Guy works for X-Team at Oracle.
5. Sheeri Cabral - MySQL Lady
6. Chet Justice - The Infamous Oracle nerd
7. George Woods - DBA from Pittsburg.
8. Iggy Fernandez - THE SQL Dude
9. Phillip Muwai - From Kenya Work in the Govt Sect.
10. Jared Still - Original moderator of Oracle-l
11. Tariq Farooq - Some Dude from Brain Surface.
12. Gwen(Chen) Shapira - Awesome DBA from Pythian. Very Good Presenter.
13. Leighton - Oracle Db Guy
14. Jeremy Scheider - Ardent Perf . Another Fellow Chicagoan
15. Martin Nash - Works For HSBC . Loves Performance bottlenecks.
16 . Karl Arao - DBA
17. Riyaj Shamsudeen - Texas bound . Crashes is his speciality
18. Mohan Dutt - aka OCP Advisor
19. Richard Foote - Index is his middle name
20. Meg bear - Apps , Apps & Apps
21. Kevin Closson - NUMA and Exadata
22. David Haimes - Another Apps Lover
23. John Piwowar - Incharge of Oraclenerd during Openworld
24. Kim Njeru - Napster. The music you stole he probably knows about it
25. Rob van Wijk - Ruby On Rails
26. Tim Hall - Oracle Base
27. Brian Huff - Bex
This is not even close to a complete List and i do have ot go back and the twitter/blog Addresses for each of the above

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