Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oracle Openworld 2010 oDay .5 roundup ad some useful info

Saturday technically was the day before Oracle Openworld Starts but the tweets and the Blogs have Started Coming through.
The First Announcement that was tweeted was from @krisrice and @oracletechnet about SQL Developer Data Modeller now being free. Costing about $3000 per seat that is a significant  early announcement that it will be free to all Database Customers. Sql Developer can be downloaded here. It Does seem like the pricing page has no0t been updated yet since it still lists the same price.
THis Year there are festivities in the Mason Street tent as Wellas on Howard Street .  There is a Sunday Night Keynote Party at Mason Street tent Details here. If you are a regular to Openworld you will not the  OTN Lounge at its regular spot In Moscone. OTN Lounge as moved to Mason Street Tent , Details are Here.
you cam follow hashtag #oow10 on twitter to see the updates . With Iphone 4 i might be qik'ing at  . enjoy the madness that is Oracle Openworld  2010.

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