Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oracle Openworld 2010. Get your apps on

For this first time this year. Oracle has released not one but 2 Oracle Apps for Various Smartphones.
I have downloaded the Iphone versions of the Oracle Openworld App and the Oracle Now App.
Both Apps are a good first try. The Openworld App even got its first update in under 24 hours which was impressive. The accessibility to schedule builder is nice but the missing link is adding the schedules into the iphone calendar for easy access. The Schedule builder access was still slow but manageable. Hopefully schedule builder can handle the load  this year. It suffered outages alot last year at openworld. The Other Features like opentable . show your badge is also nice and eayily accessble and social media tab has all the big players. It would have been nice to add a location based service to allow checkins into each conference room. The Openwoeld app crashed every so often on my iphone 4 and i think it does not use location services or push services to push your next session to you.
The Oracle Now application while has an Openworld Component with the QR codes is more of a new and information app and i guess will find more use overall even after Openworld. The New And Events tab are nice.
Both the Apps are still nice and will find a lot of use During Openworld.

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