Monday, February 21, 2011

Oracle Software Install Guide

In the second part of the series of Installing Oracle Software here is the Installing the Database Software for a single instance system

This Document will graphically explain the Installation Process for Oracle Database . Oracle Database is used to either create a new Oracle Database or upgrade an existing Database.
The Images/Installation were performed on a system running AIX

The First step is to run If you have ASM . ensure the Grid Infrastructure guiide is followed first.  if fails due to clusterware running and you have upgraded ASM to 11.2 . You can  ignore the messages and then  execute ./runInstaller  --- Please note setting up X is not in the realm of this document.


After you pass the initial screen. Select do not install updates and do not type in your Oracle Support ID and password.

The Second Screen Will provide you the following options. You can select Software only if you intend to do a  software install for upgrade later.

Once you Select  Install you will get the Screen below below .  Our Goal is to install  Software for a single instance based database & Select English as your language

The next option talks about the editions of Oracle . Based on your license agreements. Select the appropriate version. We will select Enterprise for this installation. Please note the space requirements are also listed below

 The select options screen at the bottom allows for selecting specific options. Select the  options appropriate to your needs.

Next screen you will ne asked to enter ORACLE_BASE and Software Home Directory
If you select a home directory that is the same as the user directory if will prompt youand let you know that Oracle Recommends not using the User Home Directory for the ORACLE_BASE .

You can say yes if you are sure .
Next Step will ask you for OS Groups. Please follow your standard  security practice for selecting OS Groups . For  purposes of this install i will select dba for all groups.

After This the software will start checks to ensure all OS Level parameters requirements are met. The Recommendation is to always use RDA first .  ./ –T hcve will give you a good overview of your system and ensure that the prerequisite checks are met prior to starting a software install.After the checks Oracle will now provide a script that will work on fixing the prerequisites that are missing .

After the fixup scripts are run in  conjunction with the sysadmins.  run Check Again and  reso,lve any ourstandign issue. If issues are non mandatory you can check ignore all and continue

After making sure all the values are right Select next and the install process will start

On AIX 6.1 You might Hit bug #Bug:10259393  talked about in ID 1264074.1 . An AIX APAR will be required based on the version . THE AIX APAR might be different  based on your configuration For AIX 6.1 TL6, IBM have released fix IZ88711:
If you get an Error during Linking that has similar attributes as described in the above note just Press continue . Relinking the agent is explained in the doc above after the APAR is installed.
After the install Has completed . Run or have your Sysadmins run and the software install is complete.

You have now completed the install for Oracle Software .

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