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Oracle Grid Insfrastructure install/ASM Upgrade

This Document will graphically explain the Installation Process for Oracle Grid Infrastructure on a single instance systems . Oracle Grid infrastructure is ASM/CRS bundled all together and is a requirement if you need to upgrade/Install ASM based system.
Please note Starting all Oracle Patches are full installs.
The Images/Installation were performed on a system running AIX 6.1 with Oracle and ASM
If the Goal is to Upgrade ASM as part of the install.  you need to shutdown all databases and ASM and ensure CSS is down.
CSS can be shutdown sudo /etc/init.cssd stop
After everything is down . Please run  as root
and then  execute ./runInstaller
After you pass the initial screen. Select do not install updates and do not type in your Oracle Support ID and password. I've found it to be very buggy to go to Oracle support for install updates
The Second Screen Will provide you the following options. You can select Software only if you intend to do a  software install for upgrade later.
Our tutorial will focus on Installing and Upgrading ASM. Please note Grid Infrastructure will be referred to GI at this point.  GI is a required component for ASM upgrades or installs.

Once you Select  Upgrade you will get the prompt below . This is a redundant prompt and Yes should be selected.
ASM in reguires a new lower privleged user called asmsnmp. Type the password for that user below.

Select the Roles.  For the example below all of the roles are sleected as DBA . Oracle will see that and warn you.

The Warning Message shown after select dba group for all is below.
Next Step is to enter Base . Please note User Home Directory  can not be selected as base anymore
A successful entry above will lead to Oracle checking for Requirements

You will need to look at all the parameter since this might be misleading . In somecases we had higher values but oracle failed becuase it was looking for lower values.
you can definitely review the with your sysadmin and have them resolve it . After it is resolved press Fix and check again  or based on your situation Check Ignore Now.
Oracle will tell you where the fixup scripts are and what to do
You will now be shown a summary of the install.

Oracle will tell you where the fixup scripts are and what to do

And now you get to run

The rooupgrade will create new OCR keys and register the CSSD daemon, add it to iniittab as well as start the ASM instance.
You Have Grid Infrastructure installed and ASM Upgraded to
If you have grid Control here is how it will look in GC

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