Sunday, February 13, 2011

Openworld Day 1 2009 a Brief recap.

SunDay is normally a day for User Group presentations . i got a chance to attend a couple of presentations  starting off with Demystifying Oracle Real Application Clusters Workload Management. by Alex Gorbachev . This was anexcellent presentation giving some good details on Workload management and CLB.  I'll stlll have to look at the presentation  again to understand some of the key concepts since i'm more of a RAC newbie.
Cary Millsap's session about Optimizing Oracle , how and why was also pretty good with cary doing an excellent talk about why  the database is almostnever a problem but how we can judge the problem from the database extended trace files. Cary mentioned ILO again. the Link to ILO is here . I did spend sometime in the Exadata session and find exadata to be very impressive.
I took a break and troued sanfrancisco for a bit but was back in time for the Keynote which Scott Mcnealy and Larry Ellison provided a lot of info and entertainment. The  event was widely tweeted under hashtag #oow09 with video at  Larry openly challenged IBM with AD's reiterating the challange coming out soon.
I missed Tom Kyte's Keynote but i have only heard good things about it and  will watch it on demand as soon as i get a chance. The ending was the reception night and it was executed very well.
Today lots more sessions and learning.

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