Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New deinstall utility in Oracle 11.2

Oracle 11.2 Now does not allow you to deinstall software via the OUI interface directory . Any Requests for software deinstallation using the OUI will tell you to use the deinstall utility

There is a new utility know as deinstall available in $ORACLE_HOME/deinstall that allows for deinstallation

$ORACLE_HOME/deinstall/deinstall will allow for deinstallation in the form shown below

The deinstall process will cleanly deinstall the software and detach the Oracle Home.


Checking for existence of the Oracle home location /oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1
Oracle Home type selected for de-install is: SIDB
Oracle Base selected for de-install is: //oracle
Checking for existence of central inventory location /oracle/oraInventory

Install check configuration END

Skipping Windows and .NET products configuration check

Checking Windows and .NET products configuration END

Network Configuration check config START

Network de-configuration trace file location: /oracle/oraInventory/logs/netdc_check2011-02-14_10-32-02-AM.log

Network Configuration check config END

Database Check Configuration START

Database de-configuration trace file location: /oracle/oraInventory/logs/databasedc_check2011-02-14_10-32-02-AM.log

Use comma as separator when specifying list of values as input

Specify the list of database names that are configured in this Oracle home []:
Database Check Configuration END

Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant START

EMCA de-configuration trace file location: /usr/local/oracle/oraInventory/logs/emcadc_check2011-02-14_10-32-12-AM.log

Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant END
Oracle Configuration Manager check START
OCM check log file location : //oraInventory/logs/ocm_check9011.log
Oracle Configuration Manager check END

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