Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grid Control

So far i've been fairly impressed by 10.2.05. apart form some nuances like still not being able to map out systems with   a lot of disk devices  it has been a fairly stable release. The new tabs are a little confusing for anyone used to the pre  but once you get used to it  it is fairly well crafted in makes sense kind of way.
Oe of the features of grid control that i'm going to try out is the cloning option Metalink note 579156.1  . this option allows for zipping up a client installation and running the oui
./runInstaller -clone -forceClone ORACLE_HOME= ORACLE_HOME_NAME= -noconfig -silent
and the
agentca -f
followed by
this makes it much system than the option broken push installation method.
The Dataguard performance monitoring piece has been completed rewritten for people not using data guard the performance graphs work pretty well .

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