Sunday, February 13, 2011

Goodbye 2009 and the end of the decade.

he decade that started with the Y2K is finally ending this week. it has been an interesting decade for me with my move from Pakistan to the US in 2001.  This decade has brought towards a lot of technological advances including Blogging, tweeting, Qiking/Ustreaming, Boxee and Xbox .
Being an Oracle DBA. Oracle has changed in this decade from 9.2 to  Oracle 10 and the promise of a self fixing database. Automatic Storage Management (ASM) and the potential power sharing with the SAN folks.  Self tuning Databases in the form of the STA (Sql Tuning Advisor) . Oracle has worked hard toward getting a viable monitoring product that now challenges all the incumbents in the form of Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control. Active Dataguard was built to solve the challenges of Logical Dataguard while offloading backups from the primary systems.
This is also the decade where Oracle decided to make more money from its customers with the concept of a pack. AWR  & ADDM which were replacement for Statspack are now the Diagnostic Pack. STA is now part of Tuning Pack. and to blackout  a database in Grid Control you need to purchase a diagnostic pack.
The end of the decade also brought forward  My Oracle Support  (and the demise of our beloved metalink) and 11.2 and Oracle's Ambition to create a global problem management database that would proactively inform customers of problems based on other people that already had that problem . Oracle had been trying to push OCM  for a while now and Larry Demoed the next version of Grid Control at OOW2009  that had this built in.
This decade had brought forward war and promise of change .  This Decade brought forward the Iphone , wich for me was the biggest technological feat. Today i am addicted to the iphone even though i was never a Mac fan, My next hardware purchase will probably entail a Mac.
I've had the opportunity to work  on great new technology and meet and tweet with a great many friends and people that are far more knowledgable than myself. Which is why in ending my new years resolution is to keep myself in technology and keep pusing myself in newer technologies.
What are your resolutions and what was the defining moment / feature in Oracle for you this decade.
Happy New Year to all and Please enjoy JibJab's Year in review
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