Sunday, February 13, 2011

11.1 DBUA & Blanks/Spaces

As part of a routine upgrade to 11.1 we decided to use dbua to complete all the upgrade tasks. Dev  & test were a breeze but the DBUA screens on Production came with a Big OK Sign  with no info whatsoever. It was kind of annoying but after digging into $ORACLE_BASE/cfgtoologs/dbua/logs  was able to Find the error to be

Metalink search came up with a error in the DBUA utility for 10R2 (Oracle Please update that this issue exists in 11 also).   Note id # 444148.1 describes the situation as a parameter that have single quotes.
in our case i had smtp_out_server=' ' . This cause dbua to unable to parse the spfile.
Solution was to create a pfile remove this parameter and proceed. DBUA Proceeded to next step after this

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