Thursday, January 15, 2009

Oracle Dataguard Broker and CFC

During a recent implementation of Dataguard on  a Active/Passive Cluster. I started receiving weird errors using the installation/configuration phase. The Grid control add standby wizard which is something i like to use for smaller databases started out the the process  but would never complete it leaving the primary and the standby in a weird state.
Errors like

DMON: cannot open configuration file "/usr/local/oracle/product/10.2/dbs/dr2test.dat"
  ORA-27037: unable to obtain file status

 error = ORA-16572
DG 2009-01-15-08:26:48        0 2 0 NSV0: Failed to connect to remote database p
rkmdb1. Error is ORA-12541
DG 2009-01-15-08:26:48        0 2 0 NSV0: Failed to send message to site prkmdb1
. Error code is ORA-12541.
 DMON: test unable to contact primary for DRC version check
  DMON: status ORA-12541:

The problem is that the dataguard broker cannot traverse through a  virtual  node name which is used in a Active/Passive or CFC  configuration,
According to Metalink Note # 413696.1 which is very appropriately named "Data Guard Broker does not support Cold Failover Clusters" 
"The Data Guard Broker does not support Cold Failover Clusters (also called Active/Passive clusters) in any version up to and including Oracle Database 10g Release 2. You cannot use the Broker nor Enterprise Manager, you have to create and manage your standby configuration using SQLPlus"

The support for  CFC's come in a limited fashion in Oracle 11gR1 only if Oracle clusterware is used.

This means that a dataguard standby has to be manually created and configured and all instances have to be monitored individually.


Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy new year 2009

Happy New Year 2009 to everyone. Hopefully this new year gives me more time to write about the things i do and the things i like to do.

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