Thursday, November 13, 2008

DataGuard Setup (Physical)

Recently i have had the opportunity to finally plunge into the world of Dataguard and i was pleasantly surprised by the ease of setup and use for Dataguard. The steps below were used to create a physical standby database. The setup was Oracle on AIX .
These steps do not account for a FAL server at this point.
1. Primary database has to be in archivelog mode
2. Standby redo log files are beneficial and even though not required for physical standby should be created.
3. log_archive_dest_2 needs to be configured which log_archive_dest_state_2 set to defer till the standby is up.


1. create a backup of the primary database either on disk or tape.

run {
backup database plus archivelog;
backup current controlfile for standby ; ----- important step

2. create an init.ora file and move it to the standby host.
3. modify the init.ora to include a db_unique_name different from primary
4. add db_dile_name_convert and log_file_name_convert if the filesystem structure is not going to be identical to the primary.
5. restore the database on the standby host
On the Standby Host.

rman target abc/abc@def
conn auxiliary /
run {
startup nomount;
duplicate target database for standby dorecover;

6. Ensure tnsnames.ora is current and tested ont he primary and standby hosts.
7. Start shipping redo by changing log_archive_dest_state_2=enable on the primary.

You have a physical standby up and running. I'll post some tests and monitoring scripts as well as conversion to a logical standby in future posts

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