Thursday, October 30, 2008

Books of Interest (Rman)

I thought i should make a quick blog post of some books that have helped me alot as quick reference and as an alternative to the manuals as a fast grab and look books

I'll start with Books on Rman in this first post on books .
Oracle RMAN Pocket Reference is a very good handy guide to rman syntax and commands though it seems it has not seen an update in a while.

Robert Freeman has a wonderful set of books for Rman in both the 9 and 10 flavors. I keep both at hand for help supporting my 9 and 10 Databases. They have helped me tremendously in supporting backups and restores for my databases
9i Rman Backup And Recovery
10g RMAN Backup & Recovery

I would definitely recommend these as must on hand books for any recoveries or backup help.

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