Thursday, October 30, 2008

Books of Interest (Rman)

I thought i should make a quick blog post of some books that have helped me alot as quick reference and as an alternative to the manuals as a fast grab and look books

I'll start with Books on Rman in this first post on books .
Oracle RMAN Pocket Reference is a very good handy guide to rman syntax and commands though it seems it has not seen an update in a while.

Robert Freeman has a wonderful set of books for Rman in both the 9 and 10 flavors. I keep both at hand for help supporting my 9 and 10 Databases. They have helped me tremendously in supporting backups and restores for my databases
9i Rman Backup And Recovery
10g RMAN Backup & Recovery

I would definitely recommend these as must on hand books for any recoveries or backup help.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

RIP @carlback

The tweets have been pouring in about Carl Backstrom a prominent Apex evangalist and Product manager at Oracle that died in a car crash yesterday. Jow Kallman has some detail about the contact with the family and about getting a trust opened for Carl's Daughter here .
I had the oppuruntunity to meet Carl at Open world this year and had been following and learning about APex thru Carl for a while a great loss indeed.
RIP @carlback

Soem info about carl backstrom can be found at this blog

Monday, October 20, 2008

OOW 2008 Final thoughts

I had the opportunity to attend Oracle Openworld this year and i was blown away by all the people and the content presented at OOW this year.
Barring a few technical mishaps like Schedule Builder being down for a about a day it seemed that the event was very well planned and The teams behind the event should get a big kudos for managing and arranging such a huge event as well as they did.
There was a lot of knowledge shared during the event at the presentations as well as the lounges. I truly believe for me the lounges were the highlight of the event. Meeting a lot of fellow Tweeters, Bloggers and Oracle Ace's was simply fabulous. There was a lot of knowledge transfer and knowledge building during this event.
The unconference events were a nice way to sit back , relax and understand some nice technical content.
The Oracle Fusion Middleware lounge were doing some nice video post cards Which can be seen here .
Some pictures of the event can be found here and at flickr here.

Some of the important announcement included Exadata appliance and the Oracle Database machine which marked Oracle's move into the hardware arena in partnership with HP. Oracle Beehive a successor to Oracle Collaboration suite was also announced at the event.

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