Thursday, September 18, 2008

All Aboard for OpenWorld

Oracle OpenWorld Starts Sunday September 20th. This year there are a lot of things that are planned. Its my first time out there to OpenWorld and to San Francisco so i can imagine this to be a very interesting trip.For those commuting via the shuttle (Thats me too) . The Shuttle Schedule can be found here .
Hashtag #oow08 will be  used for twitter . For a mostly complete list of Oracle tweeters you can look here. Flickr and all other tagging services can use #openworld08 for tagging blogs and pictures. You can also tweet @oow with your tweet to get into the openworld public timeline with your name.  You can find Oracle Ace's at the OTN Lounge . The Hours are posted here .There are 8 Lounges this year at OpenWorld. All the details can be found at the OpenWorld homepage and OTN night should be real fun. If you are there dont miss to attend some of the UnConference sessions too  a list of which can be found here. The Sunday user group session are very interesting and do signup for the exam cram on sunday . This Year its 11g new Features,Signup details are here. OCP's get a crack with free self test software exams at the OCP Lounge Details here.
There will be a lot of blogging  activity over the next couple of days about the various aspects of the Oracle Openworld conference and all the networking opportunities. The Oracle Openwordl Page is being constantly updated with new stuff here.
As Usual the community has come up with all sorts ofways to support Oracle Openworld with the Friendfeed room  . Eddie Awad's  Openworld 2008 Aggregator using Yahoo Pipes and Oracle Mix are there for all social junkies. Matt Topper has Collok a collborative site to send tweets and sms about your sessions. As usual Orana will be aggregating all the blogs.
Mobile Services from oracle will be available Sat September 20th with details here. Oracle has a Green Initiative This year and there are a lot of sessions about the Green Initiative. Did i mention Michael Phelps is also there. There is a lot more there with the exhibition hall and networking parties all week long.

I dont know how to clone myself to attend all the interestign sessions out there but i hope to see all my fellow tweeters and bloggers over the course of this conference and all aboard for a wonderful conference.

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