Monday, August 18, 2008

My First Openworld

Well thanks to the folks at Oracle I get to go to my First Oracle Openworld. While i have had the opportunity to go to IOUG and Hotsos have never had the chance to make it to Openworld.
Here is a list of the sessions i plan to attend based on my initial run thru of the schedule builder. I'm still hoping to get into the exam cram on sunday and maybe find more sessions of value

Sunday, Sep 21
08:30-10:00Remove From ScheduleOracle Real Application Clusters Scalability Panel
10:00-11:30Remove From ScheduleOracle Security Risks
13:00-14:30Remove From ScheduleSecurity Roundtable
16:00-17:30Remove From ScheduleStorage: A New Paradigm for Databases (IOUG)
Keynote: James Carville and Mary Matalin
Monday, Sep 22
Oracle Keynote: Charles Phillips and Chuck Rozwat
11:30-12:30Remove From ScheduleApplication Diagnostics for DBAs: Visibility into Your Application That the Middle-Tier Administrator Cannot Provide You

13:00-14:00Remove From ScheduleImplementing Oracle Active Data Guard 11g as an Active Standby Database for Production Reporting
14:30-15:30Remove From SchedulePerformance Fundamentals for Oracle Database 10g and Oracle Database 11g
16:00-17:00Remove From ScheduleOracle Database Performance: A Comprehensive View Including Linux, Scalability, New Platforms, and Solid State
17:30-18:30Remove From ScheduleHow to Prevent SQL Injections
Tuesday, Sep 23
09:00-10:00Remove From ScheduleInside Oracle Database 11g Optimizer: Removing the Mystery
Executive Solution Session: Intelligently Communicate with Customers and Optimize Billing Operations
11:30-12:30Remove From ScheduleAdvanced Performance Diagnostics: What the GUI Doesn’t Tell You
13:00-14:00Remove From ScheduleOracle Active Data Guard: Standby on Steroids, Disaster Recovery Included
Keynote: Paul S. Ottelini, Intel and Thomas Kurian, Oracle
17:00-18:00Remove From ScheduleAnalyze Oracle Data Guard 11g to Improve Its Operation and Performance
Wednesday, Sep 24
08:00-09:00Remove From ScheduleMorning How-To Session: Top 10 Things to Do to Green Your Life and Save Money
09:00-10:00Remove From ScheduleOracle Advanced Compression: Throw Away Half of Your Disks, and Run Your Database Faster
11:30-12:30Remove From ScheduleEncrypt All Application Data: Oracle Database 11g Tablespace Encryption
13:00-14:00Remove From ScheduleSQL Tuning Roundtable with the Experts
Keynote: Larry Ellison, Oracle and Mark Hurd, HP
17:00-18:00Remove From ScheduleChange, Change, Change ...
Thursday, Sep 25
08:00-09:00Remove From ScheduleMorning How-To Session: Treading Lightly on the Planet--How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
09:00-10:00Remove From ScheduleAdvanced Oracle Troubleshooting: No Magic Is Needed--A Systematic Approach Will Do
10:30-11:30Remove From ScheduleOracle ACE Director Birds-of-a-Feather Tips and Techniques Panel
12:00-13:00Remove From ScheduleOffloading Work to Your Standby Database in Oracle Database 11g (IOUG)
13:30-14:30Remove From ScheduleReal-World Database Performance Roundtable
15:00-16:00Remove From ScheduleReorganizing Objects

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