Sunday, July 20, 2008

iPhone first impressions (Non Oracle)

So i got my iphone yesterday and based on 2 days worth of testing . I found the iphone to be a definite step up from my blackberry. I think its still not fully enterprise ready with no support for Lotus notes first or third party . I guess i've heard IBM is supposed to working on an appstore app. App store apps have so far been v1 and in the 2 days i've been using it i've had constant crashes and the accelerometer and other apps have been slow to respond. I've not been very happy with the mail app since it doesnt go widescreen . without a physical keyboard it gets hard to type email in normal mode. The GPS is good but somehow not very accurate. The battery life on 3G is horrible but disabling 3G give it more than 5 hrs.
Apps like twitterific and pandora are real nice and web browsing is awesome. i wish i could download podcast over wifi but seems the itunes store only provides purchases online.

I'm still learning the iphone so might find better ways of doing things and maybe a way to sync my lotus notes calendar to my phone .

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