Monday, January 28, 2008

Real Application Testing - The final frontier

Just read thru Girlgeek's Blog about RAT. This is a feature which i have been very interested in ever since it was announced and share the same skeptism that she does.  In this age of HIPAA,SOX etc what use is RAT if masking cannot be done . this would ensure my offshore developers have all my production data. The one ability i would so like to get RAT for is the ability to test upgrades. For some OLTP applications it is virtually impossible to account for the network latency and the volume . RAT has the potiental to solve that but  since i have not seen any documentation or tried it out yet. I'm guessing RAT cannot be used in Lower Database e.g 9 or 10. Making it available to those database as  a collector might be so beneficial to a lot of DBA's who aim for a smooth upgrade. 

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Girlgeek's Oracle Blog: Real Application Testing - RATs!!


  1. Not true. Oracle has pledged (not sure if they've released it yet) to provide RAT capture on 10g R2 (probably or higher). So, you could capture workload on your 10g R2 DB, upgrade it, then run playback on 11g to compare. Don't remember where I read it, but it was someplace official, so the features should show up eventually.

  2. thanks dan . what i was trying to elude is this is a feature set that i am more lookign to since i have 9 and 10 databases and that is where RAT would actually benefit customers.
    there is the fact that you have to buy RAT seperately too

  3. Fuad,
    One of the examples that the speaker used was of capturing workload on an Oracle 10g database and playing it back on an 11g one. Maybe that means that the feature is now available. I don't remember hearing any mention gathering the workload on 9i though. It would be nice if that were to get added, I agree.
    -Claudia Zeiler


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