Thursday, January 17, 2008

The OID Chronicles. Part 1

Being a non Oracle AS infrastructure person . I am now trying to get Oracle Internet Directory configured on a a centralized server to test the Service names resolution capabilities. I found the 3 CD's that were required copied them to a unix server and am now in the process of painfully installing them. The first problem that i hit was shmmin shmseg were not set on this solris 9 server. Oracle 9.2 is already installed and working on this server. reading thru the docs i found out shmseg is an obsolete parameter. I had the sysadmin put this in anyways and have them reboot the server. I put an Oracle 10.2 instance to save time on installing the database that comes with the AS infrastructure . The second thing i hit was AS requires a new Home which makes sense. The 3rd thing i hit was even though my TNS_ADMIN was unset it found out thati have a system wide tnsnames.ora . done know why it matters but it wants me to remove the link /etc before it can proceed. Lets see what it says next after the break :)

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