Monday, January 28, 2008

Real Application Testing - The final frontier

Just read thru Girlgeek's Blog about RAT. This is a feature which i have been very interested in ever since it was announced and share the same skeptism that she does.  In this age of HIPAA,SOX etc what use is RAT if masking cannot be done . this would ensure my offshore developers have all my production data. The one ability i would so like to get RAT for is the ability to test upgrades. For some OLTP applications it is virtually impossible to account for the network latency and the volume . RAT has the potiental to solve that but  since i have not seen any documentation or tried it out yet. I'm guessing RAT cannot be used in Lower Database e.g 9 or 10. Making it available to those database as  a collector might be so beneficial to a lot of DBA's who aim for a smooth upgrade. 

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Girlgeek's Oracle Blog: Real Application Testing - RATs!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Twit this or how a thought becomes a solution


This morning i posted a thought on twitter. This was based on my frustration with getting oid to work and the problems understanding the documentation that i have . The response was not only surprising but as Dan Norris  states in his blog post  in complete detail with patches. Both Matt Topper @topperge and Dan norris @dannorris  helped me out in not only identifying what i needed but what documentation i needed. This web 2.0 thingy rocks. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bug fix: innapropriate ioctl for device

Apparently has an issues with veritas or solstice disk suite.
I just finished setting up a new server with Solaris 9 and on a database install got inappropriate ioctl for device. after confirmation from my sysadmins that the problem was not the disk or the OS. I found Note:405825.1 which describes the exact problem that i had and the fix was applying Patch 5752399. This is published as Bug 5747918. The database creation was successful after application of the patch

The OID Chronicles. Part 1

Being a non Oracle AS infrastructure person . I am now trying to get Oracle Internet Directory configured on a a centralized server to test the Service names resolution capabilities. I found the 3 CD's that were required copied them to a unix server and am now in the process of painfully installing them. The first problem that i hit was shmmin shmseg were not set on this solris 9 server. Oracle 9.2 is already installed and working on this server. reading thru the docs i found out shmseg is an obsolete parameter. I had the sysadmin put this in anyways and have them reboot the server. I put an Oracle 10.2 instance to save time on installing the database that comes with the AS infrastructure . The second thing i hit was AS requires a new Home which makes sense. The 3rd thing i hit was even though my TNS_ADMIN was unset it found out thati have a system wide tnsnames.ora . done know why it matters but it wants me to remove the link /etc before it can proceed. Lets see what it says next after the break :)

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