Monday, July 30, 2007

Interesting posts from the Oracle Blogosphere - Ver 2


This week  there been a lot going on the blogs

Sergio mentioned the fact that Oracle Now has officially released and Oracle Linux test Kit .  This will be helpful to those people who want to want the stability of the linux kernel for their database.

Alejandro Vargas has  a very nice How to on the implementation of Logminer Here. It is a very well written document to refer to when using Logminer.

Lewis Cunningham has more info on a DBA stealing 8.5 Million records Here. Iti s interesting to read and understand the ramifications of an inside job.

Eddie Awad has info on how to add APEX 3.0  in Oracle XE . You look the DBA functionality but then get  alook of cool stuff that APEX 3.0 provides.

Jonathan Lewis has come info that you should consider about NLS. Funny sometimes when a small character conversion can disable an index.

LogicaCMG is still blogging about Oracle 11G and this time feature an article about invisible indexes.

Doug Burns has a couple of articles about Oracle Development Licensing and WorkLoad Metrics .

More to Follow once i get a chance to read more.

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