Monday, July 30, 2007

Interesting posts from the Oracle Blogosphere - Ver 2


This week  there been a lot going on the blogs

Sergio mentioned the fact that Oracle Now has officially released and Oracle Linux test Kit .  This will be helpful to those people who want to want the stability of the linux kernel for their database.

Alejandro Vargas has  a very nice How to on the implementation of Logminer Here. It is a very well written document to refer to when using Logminer.

Lewis Cunningham has more info on a DBA stealing 8.5 Million records Here. Iti s interesting to read and understand the ramifications of an inside job.

Eddie Awad has info on how to add APEX 3.0  in Oracle XE . You look the DBA functionality but then get  alook of cool stuff that APEX 3.0 provides.

Jonathan Lewis has come info that you should consider about NLS. Funny sometimes when a small character conversion can disable an index.

LogicaCMG is still blogging about Oracle 11G and this time feature an article about invisible indexes.

Doug Burns has a couple of articles about Oracle Development Licensing and WorkLoad Metrics .

More to Follow once i get a chance to read more.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Posts from the Blogosphere


Looking around at the Oracle Blogosphere . it seems more and more people are blogging which mean more and more information is available  for people to digest.

Kevin Closson in his post discusses the fact  there is only one LGWR process in the Oracle Database.

The Logica CMG Blog has started a 11g info  compaign here. This article dicusses sql replay.

Fairlie rego has a nice article about using dbx collector here.

H.Tonguç Yılmaz has pointers to  a bunch of nice metalink Docs Here

and finally Paul Gallagher Host this week's  Log Buffer Here.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pete Finnigan's Oracle security weblog

Pete Finnigan's Blog just mentioned the fact that the Latest Oracle CPU(Critical Patch Update)  is out.

one quote i found really interesting in the article was  the fact that they had broken up the patches into molecules.


"The napply CPU is an enhanced CPU format for Oracle Database Server for Unix and Linux platforms version and onward (including and 11g). In a napply CPU, the security fixes are now grouped in what are called molecules. Each molecule in the CPU is independent, and does not conflict with other molecules in the CPU. Conflicts between molecules occur when fixes included respectively in each molecule affect the same file or group of files."

Which also goes on to say that OPatch will have  a new parameter ?-skip_duplicate to only apply new patches thus limiting the amount of change to the system. 

I dod agree with Pete this will relieve a lot of anxiety and make people apply the patches with more confidence. As to How it works the first time we have yet to see.

Thanks Pete for  the excellent summary of the CPU as usual.

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Pete Finnigan's Oracle security weblog

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Off topic:ViaTalk Providing Free Phone Calls

It is interesting how VOIP is changing the way people make calls. Services from Viatalk and grancentral are making it more easier for people to make calls and connect people
There is no sign-up required, just simply goto and enter in your phone number and the number you wish to call, and you are instantly connected free of charge for up to 10 minutes.

read more digg story

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Scott/tiger for system administration?

I'm listening in on the Oracle 11g Webcast and heard Charles Phillips referring to scott/tiger as an initial system administration logon.
I've always thought of that account as the demo schema for schema .
personally i never used it for any administration.
Am i wrong or did i hear wrong .

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oracle Blogs Ranked by Technorati Authority - July 07 Edition < Eddie Awad’s Blog


I'm on a list ranked 178 on Eddie Awad's list. Not bad for a blog thati  think i read and write on my own :)

Hopefully i can start writing more interesting things and maybe get people's attention(Just kidding).

Writing a blog  has been a very nice experience for me sharing stuff i learn on my own and others.and even for looking up stuff that i need to find. Tags:

Oracle Blogs Ranked by Technorati Authority - July 07 Edition < Eddie Awad’s Blog

Oracle 11g launch is almost Here


Oracle 11g Launch is on Wednesday at 9:00 am Central.

you can Watch the Live Webcast Here.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Oracle blog: Change behavior of GROUP BY clause in 10g.

 Jaffar at this blog has a detailed explanation of   a change in behaviour in the way data result sets are retrieved in 10g. This is interesting to learn since i'm working on a couple of upgrades and i know Oracle has never guaranteed results in an ordered but people have gotten it in an ordered fashion. I'm going to throw this out to my developers and see if this affects any of their code.

Thanks jaffar for pointing this out.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Off Topic: Six flags Deja Vu Stuck

Al little offtopic but i thought i'd share.

I was at six flags great america and the ride Deja Vu had a temporary malfunction.

Some pictures to look at that moment.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Pythian Group Blog » Oracle Releases Method to Disable AWR Collection

from What i understand Oracle has now officially released a method

to disable AWR for people without the Diagnostic Pack license. It seems this was done after Mark Brinsmead's wonderful attempt in asking  ORACLE for providing this framework as part of the database.

One thing that Paul Valee pointed  out is that ORACLE still wants people to keep AWR enabled . Quote from ORACLE

"Oracle, therefore, recommends that all customers, with or without Diagnostic Pack license, leave AWR enabled so that they can benefit from features that do not require pack license but implicitly use AWR"


This means that  maybe there still might be hope .

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Pythian Group Blog » Oracle Releases Method to Disable AWR Collection

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