Friday, June 29, 2007

Pythian Group Blog » An Open Letter to Larry Ellison on AWR and ASH Licensing


Mark Brinsmead brings up an interesting point and  i would like say that i concur with Mark Fully. This is a really  interesting situation that ORACLE has put on its customers  and ASH and AWR are marvellous tools which would help sell ORACLE more if only people were  allowed to use it without buying the  OEM packs. Please sign the in the post below and maybe We DBA's can make a difference. :)

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Pythian Group Blog » An Open Letter to Larry Ellison on AWR and ASH Licensing

Monday, June 25, 2007

Cursor Attribute changes from Oracle 8 onwards

There was aPl/sql change in the way oracle handles cursor attributes.
A colleague of mine at work had this issue and i decided to look this up.
Below is the test case (Oracle Always wants one ).

create table test (test1 varchar2(1));

set timing onset time onset echo onset serveroutput on
DECLARE v_test1 VARCHAR2(1) := 'A'; BEGIN --CREATE A RECORD insert into test values ('A'); commit;
DELETE FROM test WHERE test1 = v_test1; commit; --THIS IS THE COMMIT THAT PASSES SQL%FOUND IN ORACLE 8i BUT FAILS IN 9i & 10g IF SQL%FOUND THEN -- delete succeeded/passed
ELSE -- delete failed

The results of this code in each DB version is:
8i - SQL%FOUND succeeds
9i - SQL%FOUND fails
10g - SQL%FOUND fails

Now if you look at the above results it does seem that the changes happened in the 9.2 build (maybe 9.0 but i dont have a database to test).

Kurt Franke d at oracle-l pointed out the fact that from version 9i on cursor attributes are no longer accessible after a commitif you need it anyway you must set a special event in the init.ora:
event = "10943 trace name context forever, level 4194304"

Oracle later on came back with a bug number 2286387 and said that going forward this would be the expected behaviour.

Thanks to all that helped .

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Oracle 11g . The Future is Database

Eddie Awad is reporting here the fact that Oracle 11g is all set to launch on July 11th.
Oracle 11g has been in beta testing for about a year and a half now and had a list of highly awaited features.
I do like the data caching features as well as the trial playback feature.

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