Sunday, May 27, 2007

The effect of DBA's on an organization(rambling).

Being a DBA for over 10 years i've always contemplated the effects a DBA has on an organization. Back when i started my career as a fresh out of college with little IT experience want to do it all midset. i was greeted into an organization where politics was rampant and life was all about are we going centralized or decentralized as a foxbase+ programmer and having my day 0 being 72 hrs. i was amazed at the lack of detail some organizations are even willing to take into consideration

before making such decisions.
i think even though managements i guess are hired to make decisions but the knowledge quotient of someone making a decision is very important.

across the years i've seen many decisions pertaining to the technologies i've worked with and only now i've started understanding that sometimes a decision made years ago might payoff.

As a programmer who eventually transitioned to being a database admin . sometimes it is hard to agree with a lot of decisions. I've learned that if decisions are explained well or people are taken into confidence some decisions do pay off long term

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