Monday, March 05, 2007

Hotsos Day 1 #2

Doug Burns is doing a play by play here

Pretty much going the same track except because of a shuffle tanel was no longer presenting at his timeslot so i went and sat in Cary's presentation. Very good and very informative presentation. All the points he brought forward were not only true but pretty much what i have experienced in my somewhat limited number of years working as an oracle dba.
onto andy rivenes and his workload characterization presentation nice and informative.
then after lunch had the stephan haisley presentation which after hearing all i could say is this is why i came to hotsos for. very good info and redo and undo. and the IMU in 10g.
am definitely going to read his paper and under more.
Then onto julian dyke for rac .
and then Jonathan Lewis. He is one of the few presenters that i never like to miss.
very good insight and very good presentation.
we had the speaker panel on statistics and then
onto dinner.
the party setting was really nice.
now off to bed to get ready for tommorrow.
P.s will see i am meet doug burns and some of the others from oracle-l

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