Monday, March 05, 2007

Day 1 Hotsos #1

Overall a very Hectic and full of learning Day

The Day Started out with a Ken jacobs(Dr DBA) going down memory lane for oracle. its been 30 years since oracle corp was founded. the theme was unconventional.

a few of the milstones that i got were

Oracle ver 2 =1979. There was no version 1
was written in assembly on PDP-11

had a UFI(User Friendly Interface) and for reporting had RPF.
no row locks

Oracle Ver 3 =1983 Was Written in C
had transactions and the concept of before image in an external file.
Oracle Ver 4=1984
introduced read consistency . Also called reliable oracle
Oracle ver 5.0 =1985 vr 5.1=86
Audit Trail(ken jacob)
client/server database
DBLinks(5.1) distributed database was written and implemented for larry in a weekend.
Mar 12 1996 Oracle went public

Oracle 6 =1988
was rearchitected had SMP scalability row level locking and seperation on undo and redo. ALso ver 1 of online backups
lost reliability.
Oracle Ver 7.0 1992. 7.1 1994 7.2 1995 7.3 1996
PL/sql,RI,Roles and parallel features
Oracle 8 1997
Multimedia Database
Oracle 8i 1999
Java in the db
Oracle 9i 2001 R2 2002
Oracle 10G 2004 R2 2005
automation of processes
So under the banner of stuff that oracle did unconventionally the following were prominent
Here is a pic of ken jacobs on the stand.(using a palm treo)

This is gary goodwin and ken.

Will post part 2 with reast of the details for the day.

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