Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hotso 2007 Day 2

Day 2 started with a warm and fuzzy feeling.
started off with a presentation on profiling and how 10046 can tell you stuff awr ,addm etc wont tell you.
there was a mention about OraSrp.
I had heard about the tool but not used it. I will definitely try to use this and see how good this is.
one of the things that i didnt know was the fact that <OCI8 Bind peeking is not done. See you always learn something new everyday.
Jonathan Lewis's paper was about Interpreting Statspack reports and the knowledge imparted was very good.
I learned that index block splits in bitmap index could cause a log file sync since there is commits involved specially if deletes happened ( this is my interpretation of what he said , Please correct me if i am wrong).
Also hard pars=optimize so hard parses are not always a bad thing.
Joze Senegacnik presented his paper on ATO and sqltuning features in 10.
This was nice and interesting topic since it had nice content.
stuff i need to look into are the ignore_optim_embedded hint and the opt_estimat hint.
sql profiles do look good but they might pose a problem too.
Tanel Poder had back to back presentations but i only attended the scalability in 10&11g.
it was nice to hear about the new mutex architecture. the buffer cache/shared pool sharing.

James Morle had the Brewing Benchmarks Presentation.
the tool he discussed can be downloaded under GNU license here.
The tool does look promising and i will download and do a small load test to see how it works.
He did talk about a bug which i might want to look at about Pl/Sql RPC call not being logged to 10046 traces till 10g.This info is available in 10051 trace
there is a once off patch for 9i and .

There was a speaker panel with interesting questions.
I was planning on attending the oracle-l dinner but at the last moment had a bad headache and came back to my room.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Top Oracle Blogs

Someone just sent me this link

but pretty impressive list of blogs

Hotsos Day 1 #2

Doug Burns is doing a play by play here

Pretty much going the same track except because of a shuffle tanel was no longer presenting at his timeslot so i went and sat in Cary's presentation. Very good and very informative presentation. All the points he brought forward were not only true but pretty much what i have experienced in my somewhat limited number of years working as an oracle dba.
onto andy rivenes and his workload characterization presentation nice and informative.
then after lunch had the stephan haisley presentation which after hearing all i could say is this is why i came to hotsos for. very good info and redo and undo. and the IMU in 10g.
am definitely going to read his paper and under more.
Then onto julian dyke for rac .
and then Jonathan Lewis. He is one of the few presenters that i never like to miss.
very good insight and very good presentation.
we had the speaker panel on statistics and then
onto dinner.
the party setting was really nice.
now off to bed to get ready for tommorrow.
P.s will see i am meet doug burns and some of the others from oracle-l

Day 1 Hotsos #1

Overall a very Hectic and full of learning Day

The Day Started out with a Ken jacobs(Dr DBA) going down memory lane for oracle. its been 30 years since oracle corp was founded. the theme was unconventional.

a few of the milstones that i got were

Oracle ver 2 =1979. There was no version 1
was written in assembly on PDP-11

had a UFI(User Friendly Interface) and for reporting had RPF.
no row locks

Oracle Ver 3 =1983 Was Written in C
had transactions and the concept of before image in an external file.
Oracle Ver 4=1984
introduced read consistency . Also called reliable oracle
Oracle ver 5.0 =1985 vr 5.1=86
Audit Trail(ken jacob)
client/server database
DBLinks(5.1) distributed database was written and implemented for larry in a weekend.
Mar 12 1996 Oracle went public

Oracle 6 =1988
was rearchitected had SMP scalability row level locking and seperation on undo and redo. ALso ver 1 of online backups
lost reliability.
Oracle Ver 7.0 1992. 7.1 1994 7.2 1995 7.3 1996
PL/sql,RI,Roles and parallel features
Oracle 8 1997
Multimedia Database
Oracle 8i 1999
Java in the db
Oracle 9i 2001 R2 2002
Oracle 10G 2004 R2 2005
automation of processes
So under the banner of stuff that oracle did unconventionally the following were prominent
Here is a pic of ken jacobs on the stand.(using a palm treo)

This is gary goodwin and ken.

Will post part 2 with reast of the details for the day.

News and Hotsos

I'm down here at hotsos. just getting ready to head to the conference hotel.
i'll see if i can blog about the day's events
Amis blog has a nice run down going on here
will add other blogs as i see them pop up.
In other news.
Oracle has bought hyperion and changedthe pricing for its stndardand standard one editions from core to socket.
this makes it more comparable to microsoft's pricing.
Paul Valee at pythian has the details here.
ok its 7:40 off to breakfast and the keynote address.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hotsos bound

Another exciting year. Another Hotsos trip (my Second trip to hotsos).
Will put out updates on the goos stuff at the conference if i can

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