Friday, September 29, 2006

Not My Day

Apparently this is not my day . started having issues with blogger thought lets just switch to the beta it looks cool. and probably bombarded people with all my old posts. I was look at Orana and saw all my old posts appear again. Blogger needs to put that as a disclaimer as it might have caused a lot of grief to people Sorry Eddie.

Pythian Group Blog » Oracle block corruptions, DBV vs RMAN

Wow, What a coincedence . i just had to deal with this 2 days ago. so i was very surprised when i saw this post from paul of pythian on the subject .
Also i'm very annoyed with the dissappearene of the blog this button anf the appearence of the send to blogger button . it just isnt the same
Pythian Group Blog » Oracle block corruptions, DBV vs RMAN: "
Edit :Well the fact that Blogger is behaving so weirdly today is causing me grief with even posting stuff.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Oracle Stuff I should have known !: If Only ...

Read through Tom Kytes Blog i came through this post.
Very Well written and the fact that we've been trying to get our developers to do the same thing .
if only developers understood how valuable it is too them and to the whole architecture of the project .
These days most projects are dump and run .
which in turn causes a lot of grief to the assicated parties
Oracle Stuff I should have known !: If Only ...:
I've also added a link to Tom's Followup on dbms_application_info which describes information in 10G about program id and line number ofthe pl/sql code.
Makes life much easier and a database more manageable.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Lewis Cunningham has a post titled Kubuntu and Upgrades all Around.
Considering i just hit the ubuntu bandwagon by upgrading my spare windows workstation and installing Oracle Xe . I was very surprised at the look and feel . Although i heard a lot of people dont like the fact that root is locked out by defauly and you have to sudo to do everything. i would say that is the way to go. if i need root i can always unlock it or better yet learn to use sudo more often and make a good secure lifestyle.
Anyways ubuntu looks to me like a stable and to go for distro for home and office so i might take the leap and get it to work at home one of these days

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Active Session History

I was hit yesterday with a question . How do we know if someone executes a query or a system call.
since i've not been using 1-g that often. idecided to dig into ash and see all the data the oracle collects.
it was a interesting experience but i still found that oracle misses somestuff maybe becuase i was looking at wrh$_active_session_history which i'm not sure how prunes out what to keep and what not.
but i found some 'alter system' and 'alter session' commands from dba_hist_sqltext and i' didnt find some,
this seemed like a problem. i know the alter system happened since the alert log has a record.
i'll update this post as i find more and maybe someone can comment on this is they have found descrapancies and what and how to secure a system and find out if someone has stolen the sys/system password or just a bad judegement call from the dba's end .
lutz hartmann this week: Active Session History in Oracle 10gR1+2

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Oracle Application Express and XE

OK So i havent had time to play around with Oracle Application Express or even 10 to the matter of going deep down under.
Being in a Newbie form i decided to go install Oracle XE on my ubuntu 6.06 workstation.
there was a wonderful article on OTN
that helped me walk thru the process like a breeze .
Everything worked as stated in the article which was nice.
I was really amazed at how far oracle has come from the days of takes days to figure out how to install to a pretty much seamless install.
Anyways brought up application express . found out that you cannot be a system user to run application builder(bad practice to use system anyways).
created an account and started building an app. Being a DBA with a some developer experience long time ago. the interface seemed geared towards ease. the test application came up in a flash.
now my goal is to go onto the advanced stuff. maybe write an application that is actually useful to myself or my company.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Google Search