Wednesday, September 14, 2005

AskTom "Undocumented secrets for super-sizing yo..."

ANother post in the ever growing saga of the good the bad and dare i say the ugly.

AskTom "Undocumented secrets for super-sizing yo...": "fix it, then you look for help. If you can't afford help, then you get what you
pay for.

Do everybody a favor and stop trolling. It does no good here.

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  1. Asalam-o-alaikum, I picked your blog from Tom's site. Good to see you here. I am also a DBA (just 3 year old) currently working in 9i in production and testing 10gR1 and just downloaded 10gR2. Also learning Linux and finding it more and more attractive command by command. Please keep on posting. Thanks.


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