Monday, May 16, 2005

The Tom Kyte Blog: On Blogging

Abit away from oracle . Tom kyte has a very interesting post on blogging and some interestign blogs are listed .
The Tom Kyte Blog: On Blogging

ioug 2005

Finally I get a chance to write about ioug 2005 .
The event was full of sessions , I attended Jonathan Lewis
understanding and assisting the oracle optimizer which was a very good seminar.
The rest of the days there were a lot of sessions that were of interest.
though I wasn't very satisfied .
a lot of the content was the same stuff that is already available to the general masses . There were only a couple of interesting papers .
Unlike hotsos which I've grown to like this was not a focused event.
There were too many sessions and you obviously cant go to all of them.
The tom kyte live was a fun event as well as tom's presentation on bulk binding .
Binding has always been a issue for me since its should I go all binds or not.
developers level static SQL for some reason but the oracle engine doesn't.
With prepared statement every thing is potentially a bind but as tom pointed it that in it self is also a problem.
contains presentation of should you rebuild indexes was very interesting .
he proved the fact that function based indexes can be used by a rule based optimizer since they are not technically a function rather a virtual column.
Cary's presentation was added in last minute but the topic of discussion was very interesting and something we face on a regular basis.
All these developers want to build all these applications but no one wants to build a debugging mechanism until they actually have a problem.
Cary presented a lot of stuff saying how he would like a trace file to actually be ,
There were a couple of non oracle session like how to manage meeting and stuff.
There were aloto f vendor based presentation discussing how their products can change the world.
and it seemed that everyone has embraced the wait based methodology. confio and a whole slew of companies are bringing out products that monitor and tune using wait based.
CA had a big presence as well as the folks from TUSC.
There are a loto f good presentation available on the website.

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